disaster looms are you prepared



"MAVERICK" - one who takes an independent stand apart from others"

We have a never ending motivation to differentiate ourselves from those with whom we compete.  Therefore, we are constantly developing long lasting relationships that build the successful teams for recovery prior to a disaster even happening.



The horse symbolizes many things.  Among which include grace, beauty, nobility and freedom.  However, for us, the horse symbolizes power and strength.


"To be the horse that our customers can ride to recovery"

We know that it is very difficult to experience a disaster.  Having someone to lean on can make it easier.  We have the experience and knowledge to get our customers thru the tough time. Though we may not be able to eliminate all the pain, we can lessen it.


At the end of every recovery project, our ultimate goal is to shake the hands of those affected by a disaster and hear their "thank you's", for the help that we were able to provide that lessened their pain of recovery.


We don't want to be another contractor.  We want to be part of the team.  A team that culminates when disaster strikes.  We believe that the team approach is best to aid in the speed and success of recovery.


Maverick Restoration is founded on the principle to do what is right.  Maverick is made up of Managers that have a combined experience of over 50 years in the construction and restoration industries.  These Managers also have a combined project revenues worth over $100 million dollars.  All of our Project Managers have experience in both construction and restoration.  We believe that this expertise aids in the recovery process.


We believe in our people.  We believe in giving our people the right tools to do the job, whether it is a physical tool, certifications, training or the know-how to get a job done. 

We employ the best in each field.

We command a commitment from our employees to pledge to do their respective job, to the best of their ability, with honesty, integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness.


We like to call it "taking it to the H.I.L.T."

We pledge to each and every customer, service of the highest level, performed with Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust.